Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

Facebook Promo Tip

Facebook is the main place I promote the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast online. The show is posted directly to our fan page every week. I then add a link to your Facebook page (if it exists). Finally, I advertise the episode to people who might like the podcast.

The sad news is that Facebook does not like promoting fan pages to our fellow Celtic music fans. But there are three things you can do to help improve the reach of the podcast and get more people to listen to your music.

  1. Comment on the Facebook. Just say thanks. Sure it looks good to Celtic music fans, but the more comments a post gets, the further the reach of that post.

    Think of it this way. Every time someone comments, the post gets seen by 3X as many people thru Facebook's algorithm.

  2. Share the post on your page. The second thing that Facebook loves, even more than comments, is shares. Share the episode on your Fan Page. Share it on your personal page too. Every share will expand the reach even further.

    And if comments expand the reach by three times, then a share will expand the reach by 10X.

  3. Comment and share your fellow bands' posts. There are usually several fans of the podcast who share the show. Popping in on their posts and saying, "thanks for sharing" means a lot to these people. But your comments will also expand the reach of the podcast so that more people are touched by the show.

Of course, the main reason I share this invaluable tip with you is not just for the podcast. This is something you need to know for YOUR OWN Facebook Fan Page. The more people who comment and share YOUR posts, the further the reach. And the less likely you'll have to spend money to get your posts seen.

BONUS TIP. If you do decide to advertise, make sure the post is likely to get engagement. One way to test that is to advertise the post for a mere $1 per day for 7 days. If people start commenting a lot, thus creating more organic reach, then it might be worth putting money behind it. Otherwise, don't bother.

NETWORK WITH SIMILAR BANDS. I mentioned sharing your fellow bands' posts. While you're at it, get to know some of the other bands and develop your own small network of awesome bands. Make a pact to commen and share each other's news and posts. If you had ten bands working together, PLUS fans of those ten bands commenting and sharing, I think we could break the Facebook algorithm!

ALSO TAG US. Feel free to tag the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast for any news that you want me to see. I Like EVERY BAND that submits. But unfortunately, I rarely ever see your news because Facebook sucks like that. So tag us!