Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

How to Promote Your Celtic Band in the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and Celtic Music Magazine

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast includes a vast network of websites, including Celtic Music Magazine, St. Patrick's Day Party Music, Celtic Christmas Podcast, Celtic Christmas Music, Halfway to St. Patrick's Day, Celtic Interviews, The Celtfather podcast, Pub Songs Podcast, Irish Song Lyrics and many more. I also host a short video show on Facebook to promote artists. My goal is to promote YOUR music and help you gain new fans. I hope we can build a long-term relationship together. So please complete the form each time you release a new album.


How to Get Featured in the Podcast

  • Upload your entire album via Dropbox (128kbps preferred) to

    • If you use another website for sharing your MP3s, email a link to that.

    • The more music I have to play, the more likely you'll get featured.

  • OR

    Email 1-3 full-length MP3s
    (128kbps preferred) to Please send right now.
    • If you use email, then put CELTIC SUBMIT - YOUR BAND NAME in the subject line.

    • I can accept up to 15MB per email. So 2-3 MP3s in one email is fine.

  • IMPORTANT! Please make sure you include proper ID3 tags with your MP3 submissions. You can use a program like iTunes to edit the MP3s. Or just rip your CD. Make sure the Artist and Album Name are included.

  • You can follow up by email to


12 Important Steps to Get You Featured

  1. Tell Your Fans and Link Back
    Tell your fans once we feature your music. We tag you on Facebook when you are featured. In every show, we ask fans to vote for their favorite songs in that show. Tell your fans about it and you're more likely to get a big feature in our annual Celtic Top 20. So let your fans know when you are featured!

  2. Make Sure you Complete the Form AND Send MP3s.
    This seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of people either submit the form and don't email MP3s or they send MP3s, but don't complete the form. We need both to get you featured.

  3. Submit Another Album
    Do you have more than one album? You can submit older albums as well. Each album needs it's own form to be played. But the more music I have of yours, the more often you'll get featured.

  4. Link Back to the Podcast
    No. This is not required. It's a simple courtesy. I'll be linking to your website a lot. You can reciprocate by adding a link to or use one of these banners.

  5. Follow Up!
    Please drop me an email in a couple weeks to follow up on your submission.

  6. Subscribe to the Celtic Music Magazine
    It's a great way to stay on top of all the indie Celtic music news out there. Our goal is to promote artists like you.

  7. Join the Irish & Celtic Music Club to Post Your News and Videos
    I started the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast page to promote the podcast and for you to promote your music. So post your latest news every month.

  8. Update your Facebook Feed
    I go to your website and Facebook feed to find news to feature on the Monday after I feature you on the podcast. If you have new shows coming up, I will share that with our Facebook fans and tag you.

  9. Call Us at (678) CELT-POD
    That's 678-235-8763. Leave a message saying something like

    "This is Paddy Maloney of the band Celtic Stone. You're listening to the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast".

    Feel free to be creative! And if you want to send an MP3, we'd LOVE to accept that as well.

  10. Submit to Other Celtic Podcasts
    We are friends with and listen to a number of Celtic podcasts. You may get additional exposure. I also find music I want to play through other shows.

  11. Please RESUBMIT with each new album. The submission form gives us

    • up-to-date info about your band,
    • a quick description for additional promotional opportunities,
    • plus, it puts you in the programming queue.
  12. Join the Celtic Musicians Mailing List
    This newsletter is designdFor Celtic Musicians is designed just for you, the Celtic musician. I will email you a very short update every now and then to help you in your Celtic music career. You'll be notified about how to promote yourself and how to get featured on the podcast and magazine. Think of it as a simple reminder to guide you to musical success.

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    • Read and Subscribe to Bards Crier Music Marketing Ezine
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    • Tips and Secrets to Sell More Music
      This is a Facebook group I started for musicians to share your tips for selling more music and promoting yourself. It's free to join!