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The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is the largest free Celtic radio show of independent Irish & Celtic music since 2005. It won “Best Podsafe Music” in 2009 and 2010 in the annual Podcast Awards. It is one of the top music podcasts on iTunes and was featured on iTunes several times. It is hosted by Marc Gunn, a Celtic singer and one of the leading promoters of indie Celtic music online since 1999.

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The podcast gives preference to more traditional Celtic music (songs and tunes). However, I feature all styles of Celtic music from ballads and tunes, bagpipes to Celtic rock, the one exception is Celtic New Age.

This submission form offers three services:

  1. Play Your Music in our Celtic Podcasts. Every week, we feature a free podcast radio show called the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Your permission also includes a submission to my Pub Songs Podcast, Celtic Christmas Podcast, and other podcasts by Marc Gunn.

  2. Song Henge Profiles. This is an exclusive podcast for patrons of the show. No music is played, but I tell listeners more about artists featured in the latest episode using your website information.

  3. Celtic Compilation. We release periodic Celtic music compilation CDs designed to promote indie Celtic bands.


  • If your digital album is currently on Amazon, you do not need to send music. I will purchase it if it fits the format of the show.

  • If your album is a pre-release, remember ID3 Tags. Please tag your albums with your band name, album, and track names. Please send MP3s only. If you're ripping from iTunes, make sure you adjust the default from iTunes acc files to MP3s.

  • I no longer accept CDs. My goal is to make help musicians make money. Sending me a CD goes against that. Read more.

  • If you want to follow up with a previous submission, then contact me.

  • Deadlines: Any non-Christmas release after November 1 may not be played on the podcast until the following year.


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